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[Update: CointiGuess #3 has been completed and all seven redemptions have been claimed. Thank you to everyone who participated. We posted 7 different clues before the giveaway ended, but if you scroll down, you'll find the next three, as well.]

Welcome to CointiGuess #3, and we're trying something new.

We're offering 59,000 Coins for the first seven members who enter the right promo code, but the catch is you have to guess that promo code. Fortunately, we have some clues for you, starting with the one below. We'll release more clues periodically until all seven 59,000 Coin rewards have been claimed. And that means the race is on!

Now, on to the clues—and remember that all clues are designed to work together.

Clue #1:


Clue #2:


Clue #3:

-13.63807, 27.51721
-13.50458, 28.15991
-13.69678, 28.64331
-14.08073, 28.6488
-14.89976, 27.54468
-14.87852, 28.68176

Clue #4:

38.25075, -85.74447
38.41664, -85.17318
38.18169, -84.87106
37.90699, -85.30776
37.77034, -84.84359
37.58556, -85.24734
37.68127, -85.84884

Clue #5:

_ _ _ _

Clue #6:

Connect the dots

Clue #7:


After the fact:

Below are clues we didn't post, but would have been next if needed.

Clue #8:


Clue #9:


Clue #10:


If you think you have the answer, you can enter it on our Cointiply Promo redemption page. But, you're limited to five guesses per hour, so once again we wish each and every one of you good luck!

Do not guess in the comments below. Use the link to enter your guess. Join the discussion in our chat room!

Here's that URL: https://cointiply.com/home?intent=promos